“TLF” Series 22? Flex Tubelite

Fox Lite TLF22 Series Tubelite is the most energy efficient Tubelite available anywhere. It is easy to install. and the “Attic Lite” is an exclusive feature. It is a second skylight source that will illuminate your attic with sun light. The flexible reflective tube comes in two standard lengths – 72?* & 96?*. The attractive ceiling fixture is round.  The frame is a soft white and neutral color. The frame is without fasteners. To install or remove is accompanied by twist and lock (or unlock). The glaze is clear prismatic polycarbonate. It distributes evenly in the room and it is unbreakable too! The polycarbonate glaze blocks out nearly 100% of the damaging UV light.
* Longer tubes are available on special order.

Part #/Size Roof
Description UV UV
Summer Winter
TLF-2272-F3 22 1/2 X 22 1/2 72″ Long Assembly – F3 Style Skylight 0.30 0.40
TLF-2296-F3 22 1/2 X 22 1/2 96″ Long Assemb;y – F3 Style Skylight 0.30 0.40
TLF-2272-DGS 22 1/2 X 22 1/2 72″ Long Assembly – DGS Style Skylight 0.30 0.40
TLF-2296-DGS 22 1/2 X 22 1/2 96″ Long Assembly – DGS Style Skylight 0.30 0.40


1 – F3 Emerald™ Shape Skylight-Unbreakable clear diffuse polycarbonate.
2 – DGS Skylight – Flat low profile, attractive dark bronze colored extruded aluminum accent ring, clear diffused, heavy gauge polycarbonate.
3 – “Attic Lite” – Super Plus – skylight within a skylight, extra light access to your attic space.
4 – Tube Interior – Bright, reflective, noncorrosive, non conducting
5 – Tube – Flexible, durable, strong with tempered steal wire, which is laminate, insulated by the tough vinyl opaque outer skin and reflective interior skin – easily shortened to the desired length.
6 – Bottom – Light diffuser and insulating dead air space seamless construction.
7 – Ceiling Bezel –  Round Bezel, attractive/neutral soft white color, non corrosive and non conductive, innovative twist and lock to install or remove.
8 – Ceiling Lens – Prismatic/Clear – unbreakable polycarbonate, distributes the light evenly in the room. The glazing blocks out nearly 100% of the harmful UV light from entering the living space.